Applying for a loan is a very good option when you want to start a business, buy your house or a car. These help you to be able to start the project you want so well.

However, it is important that you advise and look patiently where you will acquire it, since in several banks all they do is offer you very compromising fees with unfavorable rates and times for your economy. Then, instead of becoming a help, they will be a long-term problem.

If you need easy, fast and transparent credit, know what Good Finance offers you, what they consist of and their benefits compared to other places.



If you decided to inform yourself through the website or the application, it is time to interact. Among the different options you have the possibility to see both the form, about the company, the blog, go directly to the credit application or take a financial health test to know if you are able to acquire a loan.

It is recommended that you review everything to learn more about the company and your current financial statement. But to apply for a loan, it is still much more comfortable. What you should do is set how much money you want, through a bar that allows from Q3 thousand to Q80 thousand.

Then you need to indicate in what period you want to pay it

Then you need to indicate in what period you want to pay it

Yes, the choice is in your hands to make a personalized and made credit to your needs. You can choose between 24, 48 and 60 months of payment, each with different interest rates and benefits.

Subsequently, depending on the months in which you chose, you have a variety of installments according to interest rates, Good Finance offers 4 alternatives in which the monthly installment, the type of rate and its availability are broken down at once.

Request your credit

Request your credit

Once you have completed these 3 requirements, you can request your credit, where the page will require you to complete protocol data divided into 3 sections. The first part of the form will present you with the amount, the months and the fee you set earlier, at the same time it asks for your personal data such as names and surnames, telephone and email.

In the second part of the form it is intended for more important information such as your location, age, NIT and your Personal Identification Document (DPI). And finally it only remains to provide data such as profession, seniority, marital status, reasons for the application and what the income.

Once this information is completed, you finish the application, your form is sent to our database where a specialized team analyzes your credit and decides if you apply according to the amount and ability to pay.

Among the benefits of acquiring a Good Finance credit is that you do not need a guarantor, delivery is fast, you have options to participate in balance deletions and the best, it is a loan made for you and you can pay.