Have you wanted to have your own home? We believe it is a dream that can come true, it is not an impossible goal. On some occasions, we think that being able to buy a property is something very difficult to do, but this time we want to show you Ana’s dream and how she managed to have the house of her dreams.

When you are young, you have many goals, especially in being able to become independent. Ana had a goal and was sure she would achieve it in the short term. One of the main reasons why she decided to have her own home was for independence, freedom and closeness to her work. But that was not all, read on to learn how an Good Finance loan helped her buy her house.

Acquire a mortgage or housing loan

Acquire a <a href=mortgage or housing loan” />

Surely you already know the process needed to acquire a mortgage or housing loan. It’s complicated! You must present endless requirements, but also, you must consider the process time that takes approximately 2 to 3 months . An eternity! At that rate, surely dreams and motivation go out.

That happened to Ana, she found the perfect place as her future home. The space was adequate by design and location. Then I enter a process of seeking financing with financial institutions in the country. She didn’t need much, since she had saved enough but needed a loan to complement it.

Application process was very long and tedious

Application process was very long and tedious

Unfortunately she did not know that the application process was very long and tedious, it took almost three months. She could not believe when her request was denied, especially when she was given reasons for rejection. He had been notified that his income failed to reflect what he needed and his ability to pay was low. Ana did not understand why her credit was rejected, she was sure she had what it took to apply, she was devastated.

As the days went by, a friend from her job told her how she had managed to acquire the amount she needed to settle her debts. Ana didn’t think twice, so she investigated more about Good Finance Credits, especially the requirements they requested.

She knew that she fulfilled everything they asked for as:

She knew that she fulfilled everything they asked for as:

  • Be over 21 years old
  • 3 month work continuity
  • Verifiable income of at least 3,500 Q.
  • Have a clean credit record
  • Own mobile number
  • Submit DPI
  • Be born or nationalized in Guatemala.

She contacted the advisors and without more than 15 minutes told her that her request had been approved. Ana felt excited and happy, she could not believe that in one day they approved her request when the other institution took 3 months. In addition to one of its main advantages is that not presenting surety, for Ana that was an important benefit, since she had no one to request this favor and did not understand why a second person should guarantee their income.

But she had the big surprise that the next day she had already disbursed her credit, she thought that her space to buy her apartment had been sold. But he quickly headed to the place and they still had it available.

Ana did it! She knew that having her own house is an attainable dream and she did it thanks to Good Finance Credits.