Honest Bank can be used for loan and credit card debts with up to 60 months of maturity, with difficulties in paying loans to pay off debt.

For Honest Bank debt closing loan applications submitted under the name of debt transfer loan, it is necessary to apply to the branches of the bank.

The credit and credit card debts of the applicants who have reached the age of 18 and fulfill the necessary conditions can be collected within Honest Bank for up to 60 months.

What is the Honest Bank Debt Closure Loan Features and Conditions?


Honest Bank’s debt closing loan features are the ability to collect the scattered loans and credit card debts in different banks under one roof under favorable conditions.

Unlike many banks, while high costs in structuring loans are not seen in Honest Bank debt transfer loan, loans can be used for total debts up to 100,000 T with maturities up to 60 months.

  • Makes it easier to keep track of your scattered debts,
  • It can be used with an attractive interest rate than many of your old debts,
  • Paying up to 60 months maturity can extend the duration of debt

With debt closing loan, you can carry all your debts under attractive conditions to Honest Bank.

Honest Bank Debt Closing Loan Interest Rates


Honest Bank debt closing interest rates start at 1.69%. With the application to be made to the bank branches, with a maturity of up to 60 months, between 500 USD and 100.000 USD;

  • Having a credit score above the risky level,
  • Your debts are not in legal pursuit,
  • Having a regular monthly income

If you meet the requirements, you can use Honest Bank with an interest rate of 1.69%.

How to Apply for Honest Bank Debt Closure Loan?


Honest Bank branches are used in the application process for the Honest Bank debt closing loan . In applications made to Honest Bank branches to use credit;

  • Birth certificate,
  • Document showing monthly income,
  • Name registered subscription invoice (Last 3 months)

Documents are required. Apart from the documents on the list, different documents are requested from some applicants, and the use of credit is realized as a result of the application made by supplying the relevant documents.

Honest Bank Debt Closure Loan Calculation

If the account of the Honest Bank loan closure loan is calculated with a term of 36 months, 48 ​​months and 60 months for the loan closure loan of USD 15,000, the monthly installment amounts and the payment plan are prepared:

In order to use Honest Bank debt-closing loan with an interest rate of 1.69%, the number of terms must be more than 36 months.